The Guild of Unani-Tibb welcomes applications from bona fide professionals and students of natural medicine from anywhere in the world.

There are a number of benefits in joining T.G.U. These are:

  • Getting patient/client referrals
  • Receive supervision on clinical skills development, and practice/business development
  • Being able to get professional indemnity for professional practice
  • Being able to buy natural products at wholesale prices
  • Being able to access networks and membership benefits
  • Be part of  an international group of professionals who are committed to and working towards alleviation of human suffering



Safeguarding The Patient, The Tradition and The Practitioner

(This policy should be read in conjunction with the T.G.U. Code of Ethics and Practice.)

The T.G.U. Code of Ethics and Practice and the T.G.U. Safeguarding Policy have governance over all members; Students, Graduate Practitioners, Practitioners, Physicians, Hakims and Hakimas, Fellows and Custodians.

Accredited Teachers and Facilitators are also subject to the T.G.U. Code of Ethics and Practice and the T.G.U. Safeguarding Policy.

Further to the T.G.U. Code of Ethics and Practice the T.G.U. Safeguarding Policy would draw attention to the following points:

  • Graduate Practitioners will practice under supervision for 12 months following their graduation.
  • Permission to use the Association acronyms (e.g. T.G.U.) is restricted to fully registered members as determined by payment of membership fees, qualifications and/or status verified by the Executive Committee.
  • Qualifications and status must be verified and approved by the Executive Committee. Any claims to status without written approval will be without the support of the T.G.U.
  • Any and all publicity or promotional material carrying the T.G.U. acronym, logo or title must be approved by the T.G.U. Executive Committee. The T.G.U. accepts no responsibility for any publicity/ promotional materials, or any associated activities or consequences resulting thereof, that have not been previously approved of in writing.
  • Similarly, the T.G.U. accepts no responsibility for any promotional declaration or claim made regarding other or associated therapies or practises, in the name of the T.G.U., which have not been previously declared in writing to the T.G.U.

To transgress the T.G.U. Code of Ethics and Practice or the T.G.U. Safeguarding Policy will result in immediate suspension of T.G.U. membership and privileges pending an investigation by the Executive Committee.


For further information and to APPLY FOR MEMBERSHIP please use the Contact form below
and the appropriate Application form will be emailed/posted to you.

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